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Are you desperately searching for a Skype recorder for your business? Looking to start recording your personal conversations for future reference as we all know that ‘’ Good memories are woven from the sweet times’’? Maybe you just want a recorder for your private purposes as well, and you have no single information how to choose a Skype recorder?

Product NameFeaturesSupported SystemPriceRate
TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype1). Automatic call recording.
2). Video Call Recording.
3). MP3 audio recording.
Windows 7 or Above$49.954.8/5
MP3 Skype Recorder1). Audio call recording
2). Ease of use
Windows 7, 8, 10$304.5/5
iFree Skype Recorder1). Record audio calls onlyWindows 7$354.4/5
Amolto Call Recorder1). Audio & video call recording.
2). Save calls to Dropbox
Windows 7 and 10$364.4/5
Supertintin1). Audio Recording.
2). Skype video recording
Windows 7/8/10$394.3/5
Pamela for Skype1). Record Skype audio and video calls.
2). Play audio file during a Skype conversation
Windows XP, 7$454.3/5
Ecamm call recorder1). Audio recording.Mac OSx$344.2/5

When it comes to choosing the right Skype recorder application, it is easy to become excited by the choices, however, there are certain factors to consider: Operating System features, pros and to a lesser extent, cons. If you already have an idea of what your needs are, but still need some help with narrowing down your selection, in our guide, here are the most important things to consider when choosing a Skype recorder for your needs, along with all the information you need to make sure your recorder does exactly what you want it to do.

  • We believe by seeing. Don’t let a friend talk you into something you have not experienced. Do your research ahead on time on most of the recorders. Read the features for the Skype recorders that you are considering, as colleagues might not open up to you the disadvantages of software. However, with TalkHelper application, you are guaranteed unlimited calls also, it is possible to track and copy every contact you made and save them for future use.
  • Test the trial days before you get the paid version. Download Call Recorder and try it out free for a few days. Endeavour to find a way to test your desired software online. If you intend to buy, see if the windows are compatible with your PC. I would highly recommend installing it as an effort first to make sure it works for you before you decide to purchase a full version.
  • Learn some basic things about Operating System. A Skype recorder’s operating system determines the way the interface looks, how it works, and the types of software you can use. There are different operating systems, each with their own benefits.
  • Skype recorders for Windows are common, compatible with the most software and usually light weight.
  • Video Recording capability. All Skype recorders can record audio files. Not all, however, can record video calls. Video recording is becoming a truly consumer-friendly technology. So it depends on what you prioritize are in this case.
  • Find a Skype recorder with good high-quality sound. We are very confident that sound is very important to you; you wouldn’t want to have your interview and podcasts calls distracted. So check whether the app records stunningly.
  • All-in-one functionality. The Skype recorders that record from within are a first step in this direction, it should be able to store video and call recordings separately from other notes too.
  • Check Virus. It is ideal to check virus and ensure your device is safe often. Having a Skype recorder that is virus free is very important, Make sure to check before you download one and avoid the risk of getting your PC damaged.
  • Set a budget. It will be helpful to have a budget in mind as you start looking at premium versions that offer unlimited calls.
  • If you are considering Pamela and Vodburner, Evaer, iFree Skype recorder, MP3 Skype recorder, Almoto call recorder, TalkHelper, softwares, be aware that their full versions are a bit priced higher than the rest.
  • Look for a record & stop button. Some recorders may not have the pause button, but many people would like to control their calls at their own pace, and so getting a recorder that has a pause button would be an added advantage to the user.
  • Identify the types of OS available. Windows 10 is the most widely-used operating system in Skype recorders, which we all know is amazing for compatibility. Keep the ideas of different operating systems in mind when thinking about a recorder.
  • Study the features for each recorder you consider. It is evident that every Skype recorder is different; even those that cost the same amount will have different features and disadvantages. Remember to take a look at the features of each recorder you consider using.
  • Think about what type would suit your needs best. There are two main types of recorder that people mind so much: audio and video recorder. Of which some types have 2 in 1 whereas others do not offer both video and audio. Note that if you are choosing an audio, your options will be limited; you will not be able to record video call.
  • Audio Skype recorder – This is commonly used by business people to keep their records, and is best suited for interviews too.
  • Video / audio – we recommend this; it is just perfect for keeping every detail of your conversation on your PC. Suitable for a wide range of situations, be it business, interviews, conferences and podcasts or family related. You will be in position to save your video calls.
  • Look for automatic call recording: Who would not want an app that is hassle free, when using automatic software, all you have to do is to initiate a call and then you can always access it to play also share your recording in MP3 OR MP4 with friends.


Quick Tips:

  • Remember that the biggest number is not always the best. Make sure the type you choose has great features. This is very important!
  • Do not impulse buy. It should take you a few days from when you start testing to when you actually upgrade to a paid version.
  • Remember always a well designed interface is much easier to use for both starters and the less experienced.
  • It should be very easy to install.
  • Skype recorder for windows gives you more choice. Opt for windows software if you want something that’s easy to use and gets timeliest software updates.
  • For a Skype recorder, sound quality matter more than just recording. A super high quality sound is nice to have when having a conversation. Pay more attention to the sound of your recorder, so it will be easy to have all your recordings clear.


Now go choose one!, do your research, experiment, what you’ll use it for, how fast and how efficient you’d like it to be then decide on what to go for . You can view our guide to help you make up your mind.

Get your recorder and enjoy the hell out of it.